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How horses have helped Helen overcome work-related stress

After suffering from extreme work-related stress – managing a very demanding project – Helen sought out Wendy and her horses to help manage stress levels and increase her confidence at work.

Before receiving Wendy’s support, work felt unmanageable for Helen and was seriously affecting her mental health and wellbeing.

During this time, Helen had to deal with diverse and conflicting groups on a daily basis, which became very overwhelming.

Wendy gave her the tools to be able to see alternative viewpoints, learn how to communicate with her colleagues effectively, and ultimately achieve the desired outcomes at work…with ease and flow.

The techniques that Wendy taught Helen became essential in a time-bound project environment and gave her the ability to manage her own stress levels and wellbeing during such a tough period in her life.

Wendy’s easy-going manner, gentle direction and empathetic approach enabled Helen to take control of her work life – and finish a project that saw four previous project managers leave, due to the stressful environment and overwhelming demand.

Helen’s outlook and demeanour at work totally transformed while working with Wendy and the horses. Colleagues would immediately notice when she had a session at The Heart Centre because of the positive change in her approach to work.

Helen has developed a new-found confidence, and a clear sense of direction – as well as the ability to operate with success…even when things get tough during day-to-day office politics.

Working with Wendy and her horses have had such a positive impact on her overall happiness and wellbeing.

Helen is incredibly thankful to Wendy, her horses and The Heart Centre for everything they’ve done, and would highly recommend anyone in need of support with their wellbeing – whether in their personal life or in a commercial setting to reach out and book in a session.

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