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How horses have changed Hayley’s life

After going through the traumatic experience of losing her husband to cancer, Hayley Corcoran was looking for ways to help her and her children heal.

Hayley decided to search for horse riding lessons because she knew it would be good for their souls. When she came across Holistic Horse Riding with Wendy, Hayley had an inner knowing that this was the right place to offer an environment for her and her children to release.

The moment she walked through the door, the natural energy drew them all in. Hayley was truly overcome by Wendy’s calming energy and they got to know each other on a more personal level – so much so that Wendy encouraged Hayley to form a relationship with the horses so that she too could learn to balance her emotions. This was the start of a life-changing experience for Hayley.

Wendy invited Hayley to join The HEART Self-Mastery Foundation Course to help her heal with the horses and get more fulfilment out of her life and relationships. Wendy’s non-judgemental coaching approach and compassionate nature made Hayley feel held – and safe enough for her to open up, feel the depth of her emotions and understand herself on a soul level.

Ultimately, the course has given Hayley the tools to create her reality and change her life for good.

Since then, Hayley has gone from strength to strength and had many breakthroughs. She went from feeling lost and hopeless to strong and empowered, and has learnt to take accountability for her own life.

After gaining first-hand experience of the healing power of horses, this naturally led Hayley to train with Wendy to become a HEART Equine-Assisted Coach. She developed the confidence to quit her unfulfilling job and follow her newfound passion to help other people on their healing journey with horses.

Since forming a connection with the horses and embarking on both personal development courses with Wendy’s support and guidance, every area of Hayley’s life has dramatically improved. Her mental health and relationships are flourishing and she is completely self-sufficient – living life authentically and firmly rooted in her truth. Her children are confident and happier too.

After experiencing the mentally and financially life-changing results that she has personally gained from the effects of holistic healing with the horses, Hayley wholeheartedly recommends The HEART Self-Mastery Foundation Course.

For anyone looking to heal through their traumas, step into their authentic power and align with their life’s true purpose, Wendy is the light at the end of the tunnel.

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