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      Foundation Course

Course length: 6 months, 1 weekend a month

Start date: 3rd and 4th February 2024


Venue:  The HEART Centre

Address: Holistic Horse & Pony Centre

Rydings Farm Ockham, Surrey GU23 6PF

01483 283221       Wendy 07801567850

The HEART Self-Mastery Foundation Course is an Equine Assisted Coaching course aimed at individuals interested in personal growth or those working towards becoming a HEART Equine-Assisted Coach.  


Maybe you just want to find a way to stop feeling insignificant and find clarity in your own communication skills,

Perhaps you need to learn how to stop fearing confrontation and deal with conflict compassionately or

Possibly you struggle with being yourself and could do with some support to increase your authenticity, this course supports you completely.  


Along with the healing power and nonverbal communication of horses, you'll learn how and why you attract certain people into your life, thus giving you the skills to navigate and understand the roles of certain personalities. The horses are also able to highlight the beliefs, behaviors, and blocked emotions that may be getting in the way of you fully enjoying your relationships, career or self. All in all the horses are able to provide you with the tools for self-mastery by bringing the theory alive and experiential

The 6 month Course covers 12 modules:


Module 1

Create a magical mindset of new beliefs

3rd Feb 2024


Module 2

Reflect what you
wish others
to see

4th Feb 2024


Module 3

Develop profound
emotional intelligence3

2nd March 2024


Module 4

Face up to fear and watch it lose its power 3rd March 2024


Module 5

Confidently communicate your needs and your truth

6th April 2024


Module 6

Get to the heart of the issue without using words

7th April 2024


Module 7

Release your blocks to happiness

4th May 2024


Module 8

Open yourself up to abundance

5th May 2024


Module 9

Liberate your life by letting go of the past

3rd June  2024


Module 10

Expand your life experience by learning to be fully present

4th June 2024


Module 11

Be the leader others choose to follow

1st July 2024


Module 12

Learn to align with your life’s true purpose

2nd July 2024

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