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A Free Gift from the Virus


At last we have discovered the true gift of the COVID 19. For years we have been relentlessly saying when I get a Round Tuit I will ……….

Finish that book (reading it or writing it)

Clear that closet

Tidy the garage

Sort the photos

Clear that email inbox

(.....insert your own "when I get a Round Tuit")

But they have been in such short supply because we have been so busy chasing our tails, flying all over the place, running around like headless chickens. Our schedules have been packed solid with hardly a minute to spare a thought for ourselves, our loved ones or our planet.

But now what a wonderful opportunity to say "thank you" to the Covid 19 virus for bringing this once in a lifetime opportunity for the whole world to stop together, take stock and get still for a moment with your very own “Round Tuit”.

Not only will you be able to have the time to do everything you wanted to do when you got your “Round Tuit”, but you will find there are also additional bonuses.

How grateful you can be to now have time to sit and do nothing and then rest afterwards.

How grateful you can be for legitimately having permission to say "no" to visiting your friends and relatives so you can have this glorious time with your family at home, or be by yourself, without having to feel guilty.

(If you hate being by yourself then ask yourself why? If you can’t or are not willing to be with yourself why would you expect other people would want to be with you? Maybe this is a time to reconnect with yourself, learn to love yourself again and reconnect with your dreams and aspirations.)

Many of you have been running on empty for a such long time, being there for everyone else, but how grateful you can be now you can replenish your own tank. Have you been feeling like a one-person circus spinning plates, jumping through hoops and juggling a multitude of tasks? Now is the time to let go, let the plates smash, the balls fall and hoops droop. Take a breath. It’s okay to stop.

Now I do appreciate there are a lot of financial concerns, health worries and other impracticalities that are causing much anxiety and stress evolving from this situation, especially for those self-employed and running businesses totally dependent on face-to-face customers. But I believe when Life has dealt such a drastic hand there is a need to diversify your lifestyle, your business and your thinking. I have 33 horses to feed and take care of. My business has been dependent on face-to-face clients. In this moment right now, I don’t know how I am going to do it. HOWEVER, I know when I of myself can do nothing the Power within me can do anything. I now choose to see this as an opportunity to find a different way to fund my equine-assisted therapy business and Holistic Riding Centre.


Before you ask if Wendy has finally lost the plot let me explain. But before I do, I need to caution you: this IS going to be a Wifty Wafty Wendy blog so if you poo poo the “woo woo” then stop reading right now. However, if you would like to experience peace, confidence and trust and that all is as it should be then definitely read on.


The first rule of any challenge you receive is not to resist it. The more you battle with “what is” the longer it will have power. The stark reality is that the Covid 19 Virus is here and is already affecting everyone’s life and business in some way, not just personally but globally too. And no matter what we do or don’t do we are all experiencing a major shift in our lives.

But, I hear you argue:

“How can you say yes to something so awful?”

“Don’t you know people are dying and getting sick?”

“Have you seen how much my life is being affected?”

Yes, of course I can see the effects. But me fighting with it and being a Negative Nellie will prolong my fear and ability to adjust and make the changes to my life and business, it will weaken my immune system and I will end up being a victim of it. Having said that, I also recognise it is not just a case of being a Positive Pollyanna with my head buried in the sand or singing everything will be okay when real change needs to happen.

When I had ME 30 years ago, I was very angry with it. Being an extremely active high-energy person, I was determined it wouldn’t beat me. But every time I tried to carry on my lifestyle as before the more debilitated I became. After only just 6 months I was ready to throw in the towel of my life. If I had to be this miserable and unable to live my life the way I had been then I just might as well be dead. Drastic thoughts. Thankfully, I had a very forward-thinking doctor and after a particularly depressive day I went to see him bemoaning my lot in life. “Stop resisting it, make it your friend” he suggested.

To be perfectly honest, that went down with me like a lead balloon! I remember coming out spitting blood in anger and frustration. “How can I possibly make it my friend when it is something so awful, stopping me doing what I want and ruining my life?” However, the more I tried to ignore his advice the more his poignant words echoed around my head………. (see the end of the post for what happened)


Now I am not advocating you abandon reasonable care and precaution and you must follow sensible guidelines, but what I am meaning is for you stop the resistance, calm the fear and placate the panic. Accepting what is, is not about going into resignation either. Resignation means you can’t do anything about the situation. Non-resistance and acceptance, for example, “Okay, this is not the reality I want but it is the reality I have in this moment. What can I change? What can’t I change?”

As we can see from the world stage all the terror and mass panic has not contained the virus; in fact because terror creates the perfect environment for viruses, illnesses and diseases to attack the immune system, it is giving it power to increase. Notice the word pandemic is spelt with the word panic -PAN-dem-IC. We have never had such a mass terror response before to anything (including 9/11) and yet there have been even more serious illnesses, diseases and flu viruses we have been and are being exposed to on a daily basis! There are more people killed in road accidents daily than there are by this virus. So, what might be the real message we are being given?

I am aware the qualities of this virus are different and can have an amplified effect of flu, but the human body is a marvellous machine and is always finding ways to re-centre and rebalance itself.

Which is why I believe Mother Nature and The Infinite Intelligence that runs this reality knows exactly what it is doing. I truly believe nothing happens TO us that is not happening FOR us. When the WHOLE world is being grounded it is a life lesson for us all on planet Earth: We are all being INVITED to slow down, stop and take stock of our lives. It is like we are all being given a bit of sledgehammer guidance and tough love from Mother Nurture and Father Creator.


VALUE this time to catch up with yourself. The reason Mother Nature has created something to force you to be on your own is to have an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your values and have time to sort out your own life. This ironically will help you reconnect with your family, your community and, most importantly, your Spiritual Source.

Here is a fun thing I put together to see COVID 19 is acting for our highest good:

C is for Calm, Confident and Capable

When you feel calm you can draw on your confidence and this will make you feel capable. Learn to breathe deeply, get yourself grounded and centred. Do some yoga (lots of online yoga classes popping up)

Meditate. You cannot receive inner guidance whilst you are running around like a headless chicken. Find stillness.

C is also for Connection and Community

Use the time to connect with yourself, your spiritual source and your loved ones. Connect with your local community through the internet, phone, email or be really radical and write a letter. How many of us don’t really know our neighbours? There may be even future clients and networking come about from discovering who is around you.

O is for Oneness, Opportunities and Old Ways

Know that spiritually we are all one on this planet. We are all individual waves in the mass Ocean of Life. How you treat one person is how you treat everyone. What you love or hate about yourself will show up in the people around you. How you treat yourself and your environment will affect the planet. This is going to be an exciting time for new opportunities and in order to for that to happen it is time to let go of the old ways of doing things and embrace this wonderful evolutionary upgrade for the planet.

V is for Value, Values and Validation

Value this time of rest. It will go too quickly if you waste it. This too shall pass. Value every moment you don’t have to work, value every act of kindness you receive, value what you have and share what you can.

Very importantly, validate all the key workers, shop assistants, emergency services, NHS etc for the service they are giving to you. Say "thank you" to the girl at the checkout. Keep a standing order going to a supplier who gives you good service, buy a box of chocolates for somebody who is on the frontline.

Value this unprecedented time to think about how you are treating your body. What do you need to feed it differently? What exercise do you need? What vitamins or other ways can you boost your immunity? We all need to start being much more accountable for our own health instead of just giving our power away to pills, potions and poor habits. The NHS is at breaking point, but from breakdown can come breakthrough.

Yes, feelings will come up and emotions will run riot especially with anger, grief and fear. But when you validate your feelings and face your fears you have the ability to change the thinking behind them and heal the past. Remember, FEAR is Future Experience Anticipated Real. I teach my clients to make friends with their fear and find out how it is trying to protect them. We then find a new way to upgrade that coping strategy and feel safe.

Look at how you may have been working against your real values in life. You may say you value family but if you are never there and always working you are working at cross purpose. You may need to change the position of some of those values. For example, you might not value money highly right now, however, if things were to change and you had less money you would have to prioritise it in your values. It is okay to make money a high priority value.

As Dr John de Martini says

Money will go from those who value it least to those that value it most”

I is for Introspection, Isolation and Integrity

What an amazing opportunity to sit down on your own with a blank canvas and ask yourself, “what do I really really want from my life?” Do you really want that job you are going to lose? Or have you been secretly yearning to do something different in your life but have been too afraid to make the change? Now is the time to get authentic with yourself. Many of my executives I coach are so relieved to have to go into isolation. They have been burning themselves out for years and this has forced them to stop and ask themselves "for what?" What is your real truth? Are you sacrificing your integrity to get what you want?

D is for Difference, Diversity and Direction

What do you need to do differently in your life? How can you diversify your business or lifestyle? What new direction would you like to steer your life now? You have the power in your hands (literally and figuratively).

19 is the Bible 19 means God's Perfect Order

In numerology 19 means completion of the task that will take you to the new beginning:

Here are some other possible ideas for 19:

Find 19 things to be grateful for in your life (ideally every day)

Find 19 people you could send gratitude to

Find 19 values important to you and check what changes you might need to make

Find 19 ways you can be kinder and more loving to yourself

Find 19 ways you can be kinder and more loving to others

Find 19 changes to your lifestyle you could make

Find 19 jobs you want to complete in this period of shut down (now you have your Round Tuit!)

Find 19 ways to help others in your community

Find 19 fears you can face

Find 19 old limiting beliefs you can change

Find 19 ways you could treat your environment differently

Find 19 people you could reach out to or have been meaning to get in touch with

Find 19 things you could let go of

Find 19 different ways you could run your business (even if they seem impossible just let yourself brainstorm)

Find 19 things to put on your bucket list

Find 19 things you can forgive yourself for

Find 19 ways to forgive others

Find 19 ways to forgive the virus but most importantly,

Find 19 ways to be thankful to this virus and send it love

Nearly finally, you can choose to be in a lower consciousness and vibration of blame, fear and victimhood or you use this time to learn how to raise your consciousness and be in a vibration of love and gratitude. Here you will discover the truth that you are an Infinite Creator being in a body and have the power to co-create and design your life the way you want. Your thoughts have power and are like seeds being sown into the soil. You can either plant daffodils or onions (positive or negative thoughts). Even though they look the same one will bring joy, beauty and hope, the other will make your eyes water and cry! Which will you choose to sow?

There will be disruptions, deaths, divorces and debts but there will be renewal, rebirth, revivals and rest.

Remember the story of my initial resistance to ME made it worse and worse? I finally did make it my friend and worked WITH my body. I stopped focussing on what I couldn’t do and focussed on what I could do. I became grateful to it and sent love to my body for giving me a rest. I forgave myself for treating my body so disrespectfully. I am now so grateful to my ME because it transformed my life.

I got better within 6 months. Not to go back to working 90 hours a week, abusing my body like I was doing but being in a more balanced lifestyle, changing my job and fulfilling my life purpose. (THIS). I am 64years of old and run rings round my younger staff. I love my life and my horses and the way I help humans and horses heal together. None of this would have been possible if my ME hadn’t made me stop.

The quicker we stop seeing this virus as a bad thing, but send it love and gratitude, receive its gift and its personal message for each of us individually and collectively the quicker we will be the other side of it. You have the choice.

Finally, a little Wendyism ditty I wrote many years ago when I was worried how I was going to pay my £100k debt without going bankrupt:

I release right now

The need to know how

I trust and let go

And know it is so

The task BEFORE you are never greater than the power BEHIND you

If you feel stuck, scared or stressed and want to feel safe strong and supported then get in touch and sign up to be first to hear of the new online spiritual courses that will be coming out soon.

07801 567850

Much love, Wendy x

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1 Comment

Apr 04, 2020

Wow, Wendy! So inspired by your blog. Just what I needed to hear. I cant wait to read it again and put into action some of your suggestions.

Interestingly, a Russian lady told me recently that they use onions to dispel germs from the body and the room. Onions sre placed in the hospitals and bedrooms when they are sick. So we can plant onions and daffodils! Sending you much gratitude and love! Rachael xxx

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