Client Testimonials

Hearing from others who have potentially started out with similar stories, around their personal pain and barriers is very reassuring for those who are new to The Heart Centre.


Some people have come on taster mornings, one of our many pain point focused workshops, on 1:1's with Wendy, or they've joined us for one of our well known courses.

The journey often taken is from Taster, to Workshop to Course... with personal shifts taking place at a comfortable pace along the way. Personal shifts, don't only impact the individual, but all their relationships be it family, a relationship, work or other.

Each and every journey is personal to you, and the shifts are what we aspire to help enable, with our amazing herd is in that moment. One profound experience is from Jane a 1:1 client, happy viewing :)

Workshop Testimonials

I'mperfect as I am ​

​'This workshop has cemented my belief that I really am worth being me and that I can remain focused on my own needs despite what's goes on around me as a result.'

'Life changing workshop.'

'Wendy & Cynthia are wonderful to work with - very supportive, knowledgeable and caring. The day is informative, deep-reaching and fun.'

'A very innovative way to help people accept themselves the way they are.'


​'Brilliantly facilitated, safely held transformational workshop. I was able to drop into some core fear that was holding me back from being in loving relationships & move into my personal power, with Wendy, Cynthia and the horses support!. Thank you so much for this gift x.'

'It's amazing that each time I do some personal development with horses, I learn something new about myself and who I am in the world.'


Finding me now

'An interesting way of finding me. A very helpful and useful course. I loved the work with the horses.'

'Would recommend anyone to partake in a course like this. What you discover about yourself can be quite profound, whether you like horses or not! A big thank you.'

The Secret to getting your needs met

‘I found it really good, really enjoyable and really helpful. It was fun with the equal time in the class room and the fields.’

‘Really enjoyed the workshop day. I would highly recommend working with Wendy, Cynthia and the horses. Was a great group, pleasant sharing and working team together!’

‘I found it really good about thinking about how I feel and how thinking can change so many emotions.’

‘Great day to learn about myself and horses. Helped me improve my understanding of how to meet my needs and be kind to others helping me get needs met.’

 ‘I loved it all.’

‘It was a pleasurable day and I enjoyed the day. Thank you for the experience.’


Confidence to be you

‘This workshop has been an amazing, uplifting and insightful experience to me. Thank you, Wendy, Cynthia and the horses for these blessed 2 days.’

‘I have learnt to just accept that these sessions help and not question how. It is always surprising and enlightening and takes such unexpected turns. A young girl recently said “A difficult road leads to peace’ and I always feel a sense of peace alongside excitement in how I will utilise my new found self, following a day at The Heart Centre with the wonderful horses.’

‘Loved working with the group, Wendy and Cynthia and the wonderful horses.’

‘Excellent workshop which was very interesting and memorable.’

‘This workshop helped me acknowledge the patterns that have held me back in my life and more importantly “change them”.’

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