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Healing HEARTS and Minds, Wendy has developed a unique approach


A pioneer practising for over 30 years at The Heart Centre with her amazing herd


Coaching, training and certifying HEART facilitators nationally and internationally


A prolific writer, Wendy regularly puts her approaches and experience into print

About Wendy

Wendy Firmin Price is one of those rare individuals who not only talks the talk but who also walks the walk of a spiritual mentor, coach and personal and professional development practitioner.

Anyone who has ever undertaken personal or professional development work will understand the difference between someone whose studies have got them to where they are and someone whose life has got them there. Wendy is one of the latter. She lives what she teaches, incorporating everything she has learned during her 30 years’ working with horses and her life experiences before that.

Wendy is both a wise and inspirational teacher and an authentic and vulnerable human being. She is the only riding instructor in the UK to have a Teaching Diploma in Practical Metaphysics but this has not caused her to become some kind of remote and distant guru figure. On the contrary, she remains humble and authentically human, sharing both her successes and her failures, her triumphs and her challenges in her books, workshops and development programmes. It is this unique combination that makes her such a powerful and transformational coach and leader of training programmes.

Wendy holds a BHSI (T), Dip in Practical Metaphysics, M.S.E.C.

She is an NLP Practitioner and Spiritual Counsellor.

There are four key areas to Wendy’s work:

Founder of HEART

Wendy combined her lifelong love of horses with her unique insights into human life to create HEART, a centre for equine assisted therapies and equine assisted coaching.

In recent years, the idea of working therapeutically with horses has gained popularity and growing numbers of people are recognising the benefits of equine assisted therapy. However, in the 1990s when Wendy began very few people understood how horses can support us to develop and grow and thrive as humans.  She was an early pioneer of this approach.

Even today, hers is the only equine assisted coaching programme that is founded on scientific spiritual healing principles. The HEART programmes, all personally designed by Wendy, are among the most comprehensive and intensive of any in the UK. Her clients, now numbering in the thousands, are helping to spread her teachings far and wide as more and more of them take her innovative ideas out into their workplace or teach them to others through personal or professional development work.

Wendy is committed to doing whatever she can to make this work accessible to the widest possible audience. She delivers one-day workshops for individuals and businesses, foundation programmes, specialist programmes and one-to-one coaching and mentoring. 


Her work has been covered in many magazines, the national press and radio stations including Radio 4's 'All in the Mind'. 


Even Her Majesty the Queen owns a copy of Wendy’s award-winning book The HEART of Stable Relationships: 12 ways the Healing Power of Horses Can Transform your Life, which is available to buy on Amazon.

Equine Assisted Coach & Trainer the Trainer

Wendy believes that, if you were to liken people to computers, most of us are running an out-dated operating system that was installed when we were children. Often our operating system is slow, sometimes it crashes and it doesn’t always do what we need it to do.

Equine assisted coaching provides the manual to our personal operating system. By working alongside horses, we can learn not only how our operating system works but crucially how to upgrade it and continue upgrading to keep pace with our aspirations for personal and professional growth. It is a way to fast-track our lives towards the life we dream of. Much of her work focuses on overcoming fears and increasing self-confidence, with proven techniques to achieve both.

The approaches discussed during sessions are all based on Wendy’s own spiritual, metaphysical and personal development work. She knows they work because she has used them herself and with countless clients. Saying this, there is nothing off-the-shelf about her approach. Every session is unique and is entirely led by the person being coached.


While the principles may remain the same, their practical application varies widely and nothing is recommended to a client that he or she is not equipped to handle. Wendy uses her own intuition and that of her horses to determine how each coaching session should be structured. Sometimes sessions may involve working closely with the horses and at other times less so.

Wendy is eager to share her understanding of the laws of the universe so that others can also learn why their life is not working out in the way they would like it to and what they can do to change that. During a session, she may introduce the idea that our thoughts and beliefs create our experience of reality, for example, and the crucial importance of mindset in bringing about lasting change.

As well as coaching individuals, Wendy also runs training programmes to teach others to become HEART Equine Assisted Coaches. Everyone taught by Wendy is professionally assessed by outside verifiers to ensure the highest standards.

Wendy works with children, individuals, couples and families. She has been able to transform even the most difficult and seemingly hopeless situations.

Equine Assisted Therapy Practitioner

Wendy has a large herd of 25 plus horses, all of which are kept in a calm, nurturing environment that enables them to socialise and interact with each other and with humans in a natural way.

By ensuring that the horses’ wellbeing is paramount and treating them with respect and courtesy, Wendy believes the horses are able to thrive and are ideally equipped to provide therapeutic support to clients.

Equine assisted therapy is a way of finding out about ourselves, our beliefs and our behaviours by interacting with horses. As natural herd animals, horses are ideally equipped to read non verbal communication and can pick up on subtle energetic cues. There is no hiding, whatever you are thinking or feeling will be senses by the horse and mirrored back to you.

Wendy began using this approach in the 1990s, long before most people had heard of equine assisted therapy. She values it as a way of going deeper with people and getting to the heart of their issues faster. She works with all types of people, young and old, and can even tackle serious issues such as self-harm, addiction and depression.

She believes that all our dis-eases stems from our disconnection from our source. The horses help to ground us and restore us to our truth, while being out in nature helps to restore our natural sense of connection to all that is.


Wendy is the author of two published books and third that will follow in Spring 2019. Each of the books charts her personal journey and shares insights and inspiration from her work with horses and people over three decades.

She writes the way she speaks – with passion, honesty and authenticity. Wendy does not shy away from sharing her own struggles and challenges, enabling readers to identify and empathise with her words, without feeling patronised or preached to.

People who love Wendy’s teachings buy her books to find out more about some of the principles and practices, and because they want to have a practical reference guide that they can refer to again and again. Even people who know nothing about equine assisted therapies are attracted by the simple, accessible ideas for overcoming fears and improving their lives. The teachings, like all of Wendy’s work, are based on a deep understanding of universal laws and a profound commitment to making a difference for all kinds of people. The horses are there in the pages of the book, helping to provide quiet wisdom and invaluable insight.

Among the stories Wendy tells is that of herself as a nervous rider, awaiting her turn to jump a 3’6” jump and playing and replaying a nightmare scenario in her mind. She likens it to waiting for her, then, partner (a violent alcoholic) to return home. Wendy recounts how a friend introduced her to creative visualisation and says: “I did get over 3’6” in one piece. I did change my reality and I did change my boyfriend! And then I had the crazy idea of what if I introduced these concepts to my riders at my riding school.”

Stories like this help readers to understand how Wendy came to pioneer equine assisted therapies in the UK and also show how change is possible using the approaches she advocates.

Her books are:

The HEART of Stable Relationships: 12 ways the Healing Power of Horses Can Transform your Life

The HEART of Stable Relationships: 12 ways The Healing Power of Horses can Transform Your Life: Firmin-Price, Wendy Felicity: 9781514616550: Books

40 Days and 40 Ways to Transform Any Problem (now a life changing course)

I'mperfect As I Am – How to Overcome the Crippling Effects of Not Feeling Good Enough
Now available from Amazon I’mperfect as I Am: Break Free From the Prison of Perfectionism to a Whole New Level of Self-Love, Self-Acceptance and Self-Confidence eBook : Firmin-price, Wendy: Books


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