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Communicating from the HEART  

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By working with horses in the HEART Equine-Assisted Therapy way, they can act as reflections of our behaviour or personality, metaphors of the way we live our life and how we communicate in relationships.


Often through our human experiences we have been let down, lost trust or have become fearful of communicating our needs.


In our human relationships we have lost who we truly are because we may be placating manipulating or controlling things in order to get our needs met. However sometimes we are not congruent with our true desires and whilst we can cover this up with most humans, horses have the ability to sense the in-congruence and react accordingly.


As animals of prey, horses have had to develop heightened skills to be able to read the body language and energies of other animals quickly, to determine whether they are friend or foe. There were no second chances – they had to get it right first time.


As humans, we too have this ability. We sometimes get a ‘gut feeling’ or a sense that something isn’t right, yet we don’t always act upon it. Often, we choose to disguise what we are really thinking or feeling from other people, believing that by dressing, acting or speaking in a certain way we can avoid revealing our true thoughts and emotions.


Along with the nonverbal communication of horses, you learn how and why you attract certain people into your life. They highlight the beliefs, behaviours and blocked emotions that may be getting in the way of fully enjoying relationships.

Through working with the horses, you can transform all forms of relationships be it; people, self, work, money, health etc. 


When you interact with the horses they act as a mirror and metaphor revealing patterns within you that may no longer serve you. This empowers you to make powerful positive changes in all areas of your life.

The horses respond to your communication and cues which helps you gain clarity. They also show you instantly the effect of changing your thoughts, feelings or intentions can have on the horses which you can then transfer to your life. 

Whether you just want to gain clarity in your own communication skills, learn how to deal with conflict compassionately or just increase your authenticity, the HEART approach supports you completely in your journey of facilitating your truisms with the power of the herd.

The HEART approach is the only programme that includes scientific spiritual healing principles, combined with sentient secrets from the horses which gives you and your clients the highest outcomes from these unique therapeutic tools.

Behind virtually every challenging behaviour, health issue, financial lack, career catastrophes and human conflicts there is a relationship disconnection with someone, something, somewhere.

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HEART Values

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The HEART model stands for the values of:

Harmony – choose peace over conflict

Empathy – seek to understand everyone’s point of view

Accountability – be responsible for your choices and actions and allow others theirs

Respect – respect yourself and others

Truth – speak your truth with kindness, live your life with integrity

Applying the HEART principles to any problem, swiftly brings answers and solutions thus restoring peace.

HEART Certification


Gaining Certification to practice the HEART approach can be a game changing addition to your existing professional training or the foundation or basis for a professional career as a HEART facilitator with many areas to develop expertise. 

During the various professional courses, you will work with over 25 horses at The HEART Centre, giving you a huge variety of learning opportunities and experiences.

Holistic Horse Care & Management Course gives you the ability to hone your horses individual needs through learning to be able to ask the right questions and make the decisions that provide the best care scenarios.

In the Foundation and Facilitation courses you get experience from working at liberty, leading, working with the whole herd and individually and more. The courses are insightful, person centred and brimming with warmth, love and Wendyisms!

The Riding as Therapy Facilitator programme shows you how to help many different client avatars to experience the healing power of horses specifically through riding.

Coaches and Facilitators are professionally assessed at the end of the training by outside verifiers ensuring highest standards of EAC are maintained.

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