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Healing the Hearts and Minds of others

Holistic Horse Care & Management Diploma

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Struggling to find time to research all the different therapies? Feel like you're navigating contradictions or wish your horse could talk? Yes? Then take this 12 module course and find a balanced way to help you keep your horses happy, healthy and in harmony.

Holistic Horse Riding Facilitator Diploma

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This is not a manual to teach sitting up straight toes up and heels down, this is a course for refining Horse and Rider connection, partnership and performance. Essentially are able to teach students to ride inside out, back to front and how to create up from down!

Riding as Therapy Facilitator Diploma

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There is no greater feeling that empowering a connection that's physically and mentally healing in the saddle. This course shows you how to help many different client avatars to experience the healing power of horses specifically through riding. You will need to have completed the Foundation Course.

Equine Assisted Coaching Diploma


Having completed the HEART Foundation Course, and focusing on self, you will then journey with the herd in how to apply that same learning to others with heart and soul. Adding to your existing training or just starting out, HEART brings about peace and harmony. You will need to have completed the Foundation Course.

HEART Foundation Course

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Whether you just want to gain clarity in your own communication skills, learn how to deal with conflict compassionately or just increase your authenticity, this course supports you completely and gives you the foundation to facilitate others in transforming their life, especially with horses.

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