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You can’t get daffodils from onions

Why your affirmations are not activating the law of attraction and how you can.

Do you ever feel frustrated that no matter how hard you try your visulaisations never seem to become realisations?

  • Do you ever get jealous watching other people effortlessly get whatever they want?

  • What seems to keep blocking your manifestations?

Although the law of attraction (LOA) has been around for centuries, even before Napoleon Hill (Think and grow rich). The Secret has raised its profile and has therefore been growing in popularity in recent years. Many people think of it as a quick fix to getting rich without understanding the complexity of the simplicity of this Universal Law. Then when they don’t get what they want they naturally assume the LOA doesn’t work. The truth is the LOA is always at work. What you are or are not manifesting is exactly right.

You can’t plant an onion bulb and expect to get daffodils.

Whilst that seems really obvious, when it comes to the LOA you may not realise how you may be mixing up your bulbs and planting the wrong one. So, let us explore this further. Naturally it is a given that the soil is completely neutral- what you put in is what you get out.

Metaphysically, all Universal Laws are neutral, and in this case the law of growth and law of attraction are no exception. Nature (The Universe) provides the life force energy to bring it about and how many daffodils you get will depend on the state of the soil which is the equivalent to your mindset and emotions. If your soil is nurtured, watered and fertilised you will produce a healthy vibrational match for daffodils. However, no matter how productive your soil (mindset) is, if your original bulb was not an actual daffodil, even though they look the same, you will get an onion!

Here are the top 5 onions /daffodil

There are many other reasons why you can’t manifest what you want, like trying to go beyond your family paradigm , worthiness, self-sabotage and in the next edition we will explore how to raise your financial thermostat!

Meanwhile check your bulbs and prepare your mindset with care.

Working with the horses can help you discover whether you have been planting onions or daffodils. Because each belief you hold carries an emotional vibration to it, the horses are able to tune in to that vibration and respond accordingly.

Its easy to be unaware and in the dark about the beliefs that can be hidden unconsciously. Fortunately, horses can help bring them to the light thus giving you the opportunity to replant your bulbs!

Much love, Wendy & The Herd x

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