Welcome to 'What's on with Wendy and her horses'

Mud glorious mud

Welcome from a weary Wendy (and all my staff and horses!).

I am sure, like me, you are all very fed up with the wet winter. The horses are too. The fields are so wet and muddy, not an environment that is conducive to living out all the time! Our horses normally love being out in all weathers, but this winter has seen the most requests to stay in. Our horses have a way of conveying to us what they would like. (like point black refusing to come out of their stables!!) You can almost hear them saying “Mum, you gotta be kidding me!” As yet another relentless deluge saturates the fields even more. Many a night recently we have had pretty much a full house for bed and breakfast.

Naturally with all the wet weather comes extra stabling, extra food, hay, bedding and staffing, not to mention the horses getting mud fever (like severe chapped hands) which means harder work and triple costs. First of all, can I thank everyone who has still been braving the elements and keeping on coming! Much appreciated, however we still need more provision for the horses.

May I ask for your help please? (not easy for me to ask)

We obviously need to raise more revenue so we would love to share our sanctuary here and increase our clientele, especially on weekdays. Here are some ideas for you to support us:

Take back the reins. 10-12.30 (ish)

Starting Wednesday 26th Feb 7 week course

Have you been meaning to make time to come riding?

Do you long to rekindle your childhood passion?

Do you miss that “special smell” of horses?

This course is ideal for you whether you are new to riding, novice but wanting to improve your skills or nervous and want to rebuild confidence. We will have you soon feeling calm, confident and capable. Our sessions include grooming and bonding time, riding lesson and a cuppa after! Allow 2.5hrs

Maximum spaces 6

£49 pay as you go or £295 extra early bird paid in full by Sunday 23rd £315 from 26th feb.

Refer a friend

The best advertising comes from social approval and recommendation. If you love our ethos of kindness and respect to humans and horses and be able to have more than just a riding experience when you come here, then please pass on info about our centre.

Either come along with your friend or refer them to us and you both get a £10 voucher to use as you wish. Can be used for kids clubs or adult rides.

Tuesdays Tea & Trot.

(or Coffee and a canter) or better still, wine and a walk!!)

Fancy a little hack out while the kids are at school?

Maybe take a breather from all the housework and enjoy a ride out.

Or maybe as an entrepreneur all your time goes on your business, then this is for you?

Come away feeling, refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle life again. You are worth it!