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Perfection is a Lie

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I hope this email finds you well.

As you may know, we have an 'I'mperfect as I am' workshop coming up soon, and I thought sharing a recent client experience would help contexutalise the workshop in practice. Honestly, I can still feel the emotion of the breakthrough...

So I was working with a client recently who (like 90% of my clients) had been regularly beating herself up for not being perfect. Consequently, her coping skills to overcome the excruciating pain of not feeling good enough led her down many self-sabotaging behaviours resulting in addictions, illness and relentless unhappiness. Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, when you are in this mode it is not just yourself that is affected. You cannot beat yourself up without your friends, family, partner, kids, pets being grossly affected too at some level.

The problem is perfection is a lie. To say you are a perfectionist is a lie. Why? because the perfectionist is only focusing on what is not right. There is never any peace, rest or contentment.

If you were being a TRUE perfectionist you would see the perfection in everything including what is seeming not right. Nature is a perfect example, rarely do you see absolute perfection and yet nature is absolutely perfect in its working (when humans don’t get in the way).

But what about standards I hear you exclaim, if we are not seeking perfection standards will drop.

I personally prefer to think of it as exploring excellence. If you think of something you excel at, there is a joy, a pride and surrounding people feel good in your orbit and want to share that experience with you.

Now think of the so called perfectionist, always moaning, never proud because there is always something to do better and you definitely don’t want to be in their orbit because you will not feel good enough, nor will your work and consequently it is an extremely demoralising energy.

To continue with the idea that perfectionism is a lie, you only have to look at the reality TV shows and social media of everyone trying to prove they have the perfect body. But its all a lie, its all fake.

Remember anything you are trying to prove, you don’t believe!

Why do we seek perfection? The most common reason my clients come up with is to avoid rejection. Well, let us blow that theory up straight away. We all know of a certain Person who was deemed pretty perfect in His lifetime and yet He was crucified to death.

This is where working with the horses helps to bring you back to the real self. Because lack of truth emits a certain energy and vibration, horses are able to pick up on that incongruency.

“You cannot consistently be who you are not!”

One of the key elements of my work with the horses and clients is to show them how to integrate and love themselves just the way they are.

When my recent client did just that the results were phenomenal. She was leading one horse over a “scary” object (representing loving & accepting herself wholly) and the other two horses (representing parts of herself she struggled with) followed over completely of their own free will, just at the moment of she found her new vibration of self love and acceptance.

The reason this picture is so profound is the horse she is leading would never be followed in his herd by those particular two others!

If this resonates with you, then the I'mperfect as I am workshop will help you get back to your true self, with the help of the horses!

More soon, much love Wendy & The Herd x

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