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Welcome to The HEART Centre UK
Horses and humans healing together

"Its like having a spa day for your soul"
JL Happy Client

New Arrivals

Where healing starts with the HEART

Maybe life's pressures have been causing you stress and burnout.

Perhaps you have been feeling anxious sad or depressed.

Or is it that you have hit a bit of a crossroads, feeling stuck and overwhelmed with indecision?

Now visualise yourself being relaxed and back in control of your life

Picture a future where you are feeling safe, happy and energised

And see yourself moving forward with a sense of peace, purpose and prosperity.

How does that feel now? Better?  Alive?

So how do we get from where you are to where you want to be?

In my experience, the quickest way to get anywhere in life is to find the person who has travelled the path before you. The person that has mapped out the pitfalls, potholes and easier pathways and thereby being able to direct you along the most efficient route.

Now add to your journey an amazing animal that is able to:

  • Pinpoint the beliefs blocking your progress.

  • Draw on their power and life force energy.

  • Discover powerful insights in moments.

  • Gain the clarity control and confidence to move forward in your life as the most authentic you.


All this can easily and quickly be achieved through the healing power of horses and HEART equine-assisted therapeutic coaching.

How can horses help humans?

From our experience, horses in a stable herd exhibit behaviour that optimises stability, trust and teamwork. They reveal the art of honest communication and above all, they can show us humans how to live peacefully and authentically. Their ability to read energy makes them the perfect teachers to help you maximise your progress in a relatively quicker time

At the HEART Centre, we provide the opportunity for you to observe and learn from a powerful animal that primarily expresses the feminine energy of empathy, instinct and gentleness, yet also has the ability to use their masculine energy to be aggressive powerful and decisive. Horses can show you how to connect to your true power in a balanced way.

By working with these majestic creatures, you too can learn the HEART approach to building stable, trusting and honest relationships in life, work and play.

"There is no problem on the outside greater than the Power within you to overcome it"



Workshops & Course Dates

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The HEART Self-Mastery Foundation Course - Feb 2024
VERY limited places
Click Here to Register your interest

Do you ever wish someone had given you "How to live on planet Earth guide" when you were born? 

Or maybe even a toolkit to help you deal with the difficult challenges you have been or are going through?

Or perhaps the "GPS for Success gadget" that would help you navigate the journey to disover what you want to do and how to go about getting it?

Well, The HEART Self-Mastery Foundation Course can offer you all of these. Combining all the tools, tricks and techniques with the healing power of horses you can discover

  • Just how YOU can cocreate your reality and really feel in charge of your life

  • How and WHY you attract certain people and situations in your life

  • How you can transform any problem, challenge or dilemma to your advantage

The HEART Self-Mastery Foundation through Horses is the only Equine-assisted coaching program that includes scientific spiritual healing principles, combined with sentient secrets from the horses providing you with the highest outcomes from these unique therapeutic tools. The HFSMTH course is also the pre-requisite to training becoming an HEART Equine-assisted coach training

*** Brand New *** Online Training ***

6 week Standing in your Authentic SELFIE Power Strategy


6-week online course to take you to a Whole new level of Self-Acceptance and Self-confidence​

Week 1. Self Love: What is it exactly? How to raise your self-love barometer and be kind to yourself

Week 2. Empathy: Giving yourself and others true emotional understanding. 

Week 3. Live, Love, & Laugh: How to find your purpose, feel safe to love, and allow joy back in

Week 4. Forgiveness: How to let go of the past and create the future want in this present moment

Week 5. I’mperfect as I am: Time to tame your inner critic and get out of the prison of perfectionism 

Week 6. Embrace: How to unfold more of your true Self and Stand in your Authentic Power

Click here to find out more and book now


Interview with Claire Turner

Check out my interview - click here - with a wonderful and generous lady, Claire Turner, about the power of Equine-Assisted Therapeutic Coaching.  Claire does EFT which is a great way to get emotions shifting. I highly recommend her.


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Wendy Firmin-Price

B.H.S.I (T), Dip. Practical Metaphysics, M.S.E.C., NLP Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor. Founder of the HEART Approach & Equine Assisted Therapy Practitioner and Trainer

Wendy's unusual blend of qualifications, personal experience, compassion and humor have all contributed to her innate ability to facilitate, mentor, guide and inspire others to go on their own journey of self discovery.

With over 30 years experience, Wendy is a pioneer in the practice and teaching of the holistic HEART approach, delivering taster days, workshops, clinics and extensive Diploma courses.

"I learnt more about my control issues in my relationships in 1 hour with the lovely 'Charlie Brown' than I had in 10 years of therapy"

—   Ruth C.

HEART felt experiences

How to find us:

The Heart Centre

Rydings Farm, Long Reach, Ockham,

Woking, Surrey. GU23 6PF


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